Point of Contact

  • Telephone: 443-766-7862
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ATR is a diversified engineering firm dedicated to providing high quality products and engineering and technical support services to the public and private sector.

Over 40 Years of Engineering Excellence!

Corporate overview:

  • Founded and incorporated in 1973 as a Maryland C-Corporation.
  • Specialized provider of engineering R&D, technical services and engineered products to the federal government and commercial clients.
  • The Company provides a focused range of R&D and specialty engineering services, prototypes and products through three interlinked business units:
    • Engineering and Systems Division
    • Automated Systems and Machines Division
    • Robotics and Control Systems Division
  • 26,000 square foot headquarters in Columbia, MD. High-Bay Manufacturing & Prototyping Facility
    • Approved production facility for USPS FSS Program
    • Computer clusters for Hydrocodec computation and analyses

Company Highlights

  • 40 years reputation for innovation and quality
  • Broad-based growth across multiple business lines
  • Significant Intellectual Property with awarded patents
  • Serial innovation and production prowess in specialized automation systems
  • Loyal client base and strong pipeline of new business
  • ISO 2001:2008